From early childhood I was an active track athlete in New Zealand, Austria and USA. Coached by Jack Ralston, disciple of Arthur Lydiard, the founder of the modern running movement.

After a few years in competitive sports, I developed GENTLE RUNNING & GENTLE MOVING which is based upon the Feldenkrais Method which I currently teach.

I teach seminars in: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and New Zealand.

  • Private Seminars and Workshops.
  • Public speaker lecturing throughout Europe.
  • Developed and currently teaches his method “Gentle Moving Professional Training Program”  training clinics.
  • Coach for elite athletes.
  • Coach for musicians and dancers.
  • Previously held seminars for the following companies: Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Minolta, Puma, Nike, Novartis, Nykomed, and many others.
  • I have lectured in universities, taught the Austrian ski team, Medicine and Sport conferences, and Physiotherapy schools.

Books and Videos

Media Collage

I’m a best-selling author and have published the following books in the German language.

  • Gentle Running (also translated into Italian, Korean, Slovenien and Dutch)
  • Gentle Moving
  • Body Running
  • Quantumsprung für Glück und Gesundheit (
  • BioRunning – Running for the Soul (
  • Die Heilkraft des Gehens / The Healing Powers of Walking (
  • Nie wieder Ruckengymnastic / No More Back Pain (
  • DVD: Body Intelligence — The Efficient Method of Sporting

I am fluent in English, Dutch, German and Greek.

My email address is