The seminars teach you to run, walk and move more efficiently, breaking bad habitual movement patterns which cause strain and injury to the body. Through relearning and exploration of new movements in lying, sitting, standing, walking and running, you will find the easiest pathway in which movement can be transmitted through the body which enables you to feel and understand that movement is meant to be graceful, easy and effortless.

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The floor exercises are slow and gentle and reduce tension while awakening areas of the body that have been relatively unused for years or even decades. You can expect improvements in posture, balance, strength, coordination and agility. This allows you to walk and run with less effort and less stress on joints.

IMG_4819It can be used as an approach to rehabilitation, physical therapy and for sports performance enhancement.

There are 3 different types of seminars that I teach. The build up is similar, the difference lies in the intensity due to the time frame.

  • Workshop: 2 to 3 hours.
  • Basic Seminar: 2 days.   Cost per person €380.00
  • Intensive Seminar: 5 days.      Cost per person €610.00
  • The Luijpers Method – Gentle Moving Training Programme:  This is 10 weekends over 2 years (Friday to Sunday – Details on application)