The Luijpers Method teaches you precise movement sequences to engage your brain on how to move your body easily and efficiently in harmony with the laws of nature. You will learn through awareness different patterns of movement, in turn rewiring your brain and breaking old habitual patterns, which may even be causing you pain or preventing you from moving as freely and as easily as possible.

The Method is based on the science of the senso-neuro muscular learning system that all children use when they learn to move which was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais.

IMG_2664Children’s brains evolve through movement. They experiment, using trial and error to use different movement patterns and find ways to function effectively and efficiently. When these natural processes are interfered with through external influences, these patterns may not be developed to their full potential leading to poor habitual patterns of functioning and restricted movement patterns over time as we reach adulthood.

As adults we move less, sit more, and when we do move we isolate our movements which often become rigid, creating poor posture, and cause a variety of injuries such as; back pain, knee and joint problems etc.

Through the use of the entire body with every movement stresses in the body can be prevented. Head, torso, shoulders, arms, pelvis, legs and feet need to play as members of a good team, working as a unit together.


Movement becomes effortless, effective and conscious, in harmony with the physical laws of nature.You feel light and free again, just as we felt as children. This all happens without any complicated set of rules.

The Luijpers Method lets you discover how thinking, feeling, moving and breathing are all interconnected, thus discovering the body mind connection and creating a wider range of possibilities for yourself. It enables you to understand and modify your habitual movement patterns which may have developed in response to injury or restricted posture.

It reduces impact forces on the body which occur due to inefficient movements.

It allows you to feel the connections of your whole body and how all the parts move in relationship to one another. This leads to more efficient, better functioning and injury free movement.